Klaine fic: The Hidden in Us part 5

Pairing: Klaine (duh)


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Summary: When a human is born it has a darkness inside of it. The human will proceed to feed this darkness so it becomes a part of the human’s soul. But what if you don’t feed it? What if you’re too good for that? And what happens when there’s suddenly something you want so badly that not even being good can stop you from taking it? Blaine Anderson was about to find out. 

Warning(s): Demon!Blaine (if that’s not your thing), homophobic behavior, blangst. 

AN: Aaaaaaaaaaaaand Blaine’s first day at McKinley :-D 

Blaine didn’t remember when Cooper had made the call, he just knew that his brother was taking him to Kurt’s - and his too now, he supposed - school Monday morning. Blaine hadn’t slept very well. Another night filled with dreams of sweaty bodies, blue eyes and his name panted from pink lips.

“I really don’t think I should be near Kurt,” Blaine said softly; trying to avoid another incident. He’d explained to Cooper what happened when he blackened out (that was what he called it for now), and he was fairly sure that the thoughts of Kurt wasn’t helping him get better. He pulled a little at his bowtie when it got hard to breathe. He was glad he’d over to his brother’s apartment enough to have an extra set of clothes there.

“Just avoid him, Blaine. There’ll be lots of other people in the school,” Cooper reasoned.

“Yea. All of whom I can’t get close to,” he mumbled bitterly and slumped further down into his seat. They sat in silence until Cooper pulled into McKinley High’s parking lot.

“Want me to go in with you?” He asked as he pulled the parking break.

“No, it’s fine,” Blaine said and opened his door; scooping his messenger bag up on one shoulder and shutting the door. He heard the window pull down and turned around to see Cooper looking out at him with a small smile.

“Good luck, B,” he said softly before driving off. Blaine sighed. I’ll need it, he thought bitterly. He hadn’t gone to a public school in years and he wasn’t exactly excited. As he looked at a group of boys pushing each other around, he bit his lip and hoisted the bag further up on his shoulder and walked past them as quickly as he could without actually running past them. He already missed his friends at Dalton.

Which reminded him that he really had to contact them. But surely one of their teachers would have told them by now that Blaine wasn’t coming back. He felt a pang of pain shoot through his heart at that thought. He was never going to sing with the Warblers anymore.

But you’ll have Kurt, said a part of his brain and he quickly shut it off. Not a good train of thought so early in the morning, especially not when he felt the knots in his stomach begin to move around.

You’re just nauseous because it’s your first day, he told himself as he found the principal’s office. The secretary was fairly nice and handed him his schedule and a map of the school just ‘until you find some friends to show you around, sweetie.’ Blaine had smiled politely at her, but hadn’t said anything. What could he say?

‘Sorry, I’m not gonna get any friends until I figure out what’s wrong with me, because it’ll be too dangerous for them and for me.’? He settled on saying nothing instead. He thanked her and walked out of the office with a deep breath. He could do this. He could get through one year at this place. It wasn’t like it was hell, and he could still see his friends on the weekends.

And you’ll have Kurt. He shushed the voice again but then lost all train of thought.

Blaine saw Kurt standing by a locker further down the hall. He felt the knots in his stomach move again and swallowed thickly. The brunette hadn’t noticed him and he was kinda glad. He didn’t know what to say even if he walked over to him. Which he wouldn’t do. Because he was avoiding him - for both their sakes. Blaine turned slightly but then everything blackened and suddenly he was standing in front of Kurt.

“Oh,” Kurt said with a surprised smile. “Hi Blaine.”

“Kurt. Hi,” he gulped nervously. Why couldn’t he control himself?!

“So you decided to transfer?” The brunette said and reached into his locker to grab a few books.

“Well, yea,” Blaine said awkwardly. I didn’t have much choice. Kurt smiled at him as he shut his locker and Blaine’s eyes drifted. Kurt was wearing a creamy white sweater with a black-and-white striped shawl collar. Blaine particularly loved shawl collared sweaters so the fashion-known side of him wanted to ask Kurt where he’d gotten it, but before he could open his mouth, his eyes trailed down and suddenly he was glad his mouth wasn’t open, because the amount of saliva in there would’ve freaked Kurt out.

His long legs were clad in a pair of impossibly tight, black pants with safety pins all the way down the sides, and the way the pants clung to every curse of Kurt’s legs… Blaine swallowed thickly and had to shut his eyes for a moment.

“…first class?” Kurt said with a tilt of his head; interrupting Blaine’s thoughts.

“I’m sorry, what?” Blaine blushed. He was never this impolite! What was wrong with him? Just because Kurt was kind of handsome, he didn’t have to become a total retard. Be honest, he’s more than kind of handsome.

“What’s your first class?” Kurt repeated.

Blaine took a quick look at his schedule even though he was sure he’d pretty much memorized the first half of his day already.

“French with Mrs. Beaumont,” he said with a shaky accent. French had never really been his strong side and Kurt was looking at him with those big, blue eyes that had haunted his dreams and oh God no, he really shouldn’t be thinking about those. 

“It’s with a silent t,” Kurt corrected gently with a smile. “That’s my first class too. I’ll show you the way?” Blaine guessed that he phrased the sentence like a question so he could give Blaine time to run if that’s what he wished. I really should run, he thought but his mouth apparently had other plans.

“That’d be lovely, thank you,” it said. At least my subconsciousness is still polite.

“Let’s go.” And so Blaine followed Kurt down the hall and to the left; trailing behind him like a lost puppy. A lost puppy who really needed to keep his eyes above waist level. Blaine scolded himself. What was wrong with him today? He’d never been this rude before, and it was scaring him how close he was to losing control. To just push Kurt up against the lockers and ravish that pretty little mouth of his.

“Blaine?” Kurt asked as they stopped in front of a classroom. “Are you okay?”

“Yea, ‘m fine.” Blaine kept his gaze locked on the floor as he answered and then rubbed a hand over his eyes to cover the change in color. “I’m just a bit tired.”

“Oh okay. Well, we’re here.” Kurt gestured to the door and Blaine had to smile at the gentlemanly gesture before walking inside. He also had to bite his tongue not to say something stupid like ‘thank you my good sir’ or ‘how kind of you Mr. Hummel’ because he wasn’t going to flirt or be friendly. He was supposed to be avoiding Kurt.

Which seemed pretty hard taking Kurt’s mouth into accord.

No, not like that. Well, yea like that too, but mostly because Kurt was flawless at French. Blaine didn’t even get half of the things he was saying to his partner. He wasn’t supposed to either - he was supposed to listen to his own partner, who was taking her time finding some word in the vocabulary while chewing her gum and filing her nails.

Blaine tried keeping his eyes to himself, he really did.

But then Kurt rolled his eyes and let his tongue trail out to wet his lips and Blaine had to grip the edge of his desk hard so he wouldn’t leap out of his chair and knock over the boy sitting in his way so he could grab Kurt’s collar and pull him to his feet. See his surprised expression when crashing their lips together and letting his other hand feel its way down that slim body. Forcing his mouth open with an eager tongue and just-

Their eyes locked.

Blaine tried so hard to look away but he couldn’t. He was captured in the sea of blue colors.

Kurt sent him a small smile and then turned his attention back to the boy next to him with an annoyed expression. Blaine sighed in relief. Kurt didn’t seem like he’d noticed the ever present black color in his eyes and if he had he didn’t look scared by it.

Maybe… But no. There was no way Blaine could get close to him. Everything about him screamed innocent and pure. Blaine would just ruin that, and that was the last thing he wanted.

His head snapped into place when his partner let out a triumphant ‘Oh!’ and then started talking more fluently. He kept his eyes trailed on the pink piece of gum she was popping and chewing and he felt that little spark of irritation begin to light up just like it had been doing the past few weeks.

He tried taking deep breaths. He tried looking away from her. He tried to outright ignore whatever she was babbling about. Nothing seemed to work. His hands formed two tight fists and he closed his eyes briefly. Breathe in through your nose and out your mouth. Had this been at Dalton he would’ve excuse himself politely and walked to the gym, but he didn’t even know where McKinley’s gym was located. So he had to try and calm himself while sitting in his seat.

He gritted his teeth. He was better than this. He didn’t need to lash out. He could control it. He-

But then she blew a bubble and little streaks of her spit hit the table right in front of him. How could such a little thing annoy him so much? He saw the darkness creep into his vision and was about to stand from his seat and flee the room when a gentle hand came down on his shoulder.

“Are you sure, you’re okay?” Kurt asked with a worried voice and all of a sudden all Blaine’s pent up anger drifted out of his body.

“Yea, I’m- I’m fine,” he reassured with a small smile. Kurt gave him an if-you’re-sure-look and then glanced at the girl sitting next to Blaine.

“Kate,” He said. “You are once again over-sharing of your saliva.”

“What?” The blond girl snapped with an irritated rotation of her head. Just as she turned, yet another wave of spit made its way out of her mouth and she looked down at the table with a horrified expression. Then she looked at the two boys and stomped out of the room with a ‘bathroom!’ called over her shoulder.

“Well, um, that…” Blaine tried awkwardly.

“You seemed like you were getting enough of her,” Kurt just shrugged with a small smile.

“Thank you. I don’t know how long I could’ve listened to that without-” strangling her. He quickly cleared his voice and changed the subject. “Um, do you think she’s okay?”

“Oh sure, of course she is. Kate and I always talk like this to each other. Don’t be surprised if she spits her gum at you sometime soon, though,” Kurt laughed.

“Please tell me you’re kidding.”

“I wish. She ruined my favorite sweater last year.” And it was just that easy. Talking to Kurt. There were no awkward silences, because all silence was filled with the beautiful sound of Kurt’s breathing. Until their teacher interrupted and started talking again.  Kate made it back soon enough, but clearly ignored Blaine for the rest of the lesson.

The two boys didn’t share their next classes, but that didn’t keep Kurt from walking Blaine to the correct room, when they’d been let out of French. Kurt chatted a bit about the things they’d learned this lesson; something about how his partner couldn’t even pronounce ‘oui’ right. Blaine laughed at all the right places - at least he hoped he did, because he hadn’t been able to concentrate on the lesson at all.

“Blaine?” Kurt asked as they stood outside of Blaine’s next class.

“Yea?” And oh wow, he sounded so hopeful and breathless. He’d better stop talking to Kurt soon otherwise he’d end up getting way too attached to ever let him go.

“Would you like to eat lunch with me? I mean, like, sit with my friends? I could introduce you.”

“Um.” Say no. No thank you. It’s not that hard. Just spit it out. One, two… “Sure.” Damn it. 

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