Klaine fic: The Hidden in Us part 4

Pairing: Klaine (duh)


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Summary: When a human is born it has a darkness inside of it. The human will proceed to feed this darkness so it becomes a part of the human’s soul. But what if you don’t feed it? What if you’re too good for that? And what happens when there’s suddenly something you want so badly that not even being good can stop you from taking it? Blaine Anderson was about to find out. 

Warning(s): Demon!Blaine (if that’s not your thing), homophobic behavior, blangst. 

AN: Blaine flashback, woo! \o/ 

Blaine bolted awake so quickly he fell off the bed and onto the floor in a heap of limps and sheets. He tried catching his breath as images of sparkling blue eyes, hot breath and a soft touch ran through his head. He shivered and groaned out loud. He was too old to have dreams like that. And he was too screwed to have dreams like that about people like…

“Blaine, are you okay?” Cooper knocked on his door, interrupting Blaine’s thoughts, and he quickly covered his damp lap. This was embarrassing enough as it was. It wouldn’t really help the situation if Cooper came in and… saw.

“I’m fine,” his hoarse voice called back.

“Then get your lazy ass out here, I’ve made breakfast,” Cooper said through the door and then took a deep breath. Be rational; stop being his brother for a second. “And we need to talk.”

And if it had been in any other situation, Blaine would’ve dropped the ‘are you breaking up with me?’ line to lighten up the mood but he couldn’t get his tongue to work properly. They were going to talk. Talk. About this. He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t, he couldn’t, he just couldn’t.

“Blaine.” But suddenly Cooper was standing in front of his shaking body and he knew he had to. There was no way he could do this alone. He looked up into the blue eyes of his brother and felt like breaking down. Just sobbing and screaming and telling Coop that the world wasn’t fair. He’d never been bad, he’d never been selfish; he had always done as he was told. Cooper sighed.

“C’mon B, we’ll talk after breakfast, okay?” He suggested. Maybe getting some food into the poor kid would help his misery. And Cooper knew how exactly; Blaine had always had a weakness for bacon in the morning. He knew for a fact that bacon always helped on sour mornings.

Blaine just nodded numbly and stood up. He made a face at the stickiness in his pajama and made his way to the bathroom. “I’m just gonna…” He mumbled as he closed the door behind him.

Cooper ran a hand through his hair and walked into the kitchen to start putting glasses and silverware on the table. Blaine came into the room a moment later in his jeans and Cooper smiled at that. Even on a Sunday the kid wanted to look presentable.

“B, would you get me two plates?” Blaine nodded and grabbed two plates from cupboard. “So how did you sleep?” Cooper asked to get rid of the tense silence.

“I…” Blaine tried, but his voice was stuck again. Thoughts of Kurt ran through his mind. “I…” He choked out as the darkness slowly crept in again. What was wrong with him?

He was shaking so badly, he had to grab the table top to stop himself from collapsing on the floor. So yea, he’d dropped the plates he was holding. He knew Cooper wouldn’t be mad at him, of course he did. But he couldn’t help but remember the same sound, when he’d smashed a vase yesterday. In front of his mother.

It wasn’t the first item he’d broken that night.

First was his notes for class; ripped and thrown everywhere. Then his bedroom lamp; thrown into the wall over his desk. Then he’d tried to breathe, but it felt like he was drowning in all the darkness filling his eyes. It’d felt like it was running down his throat; suffocating him. He’d gripped his hair, kicked his chair, and even went as far as to bang his head against the door. But nothing helped. Not this time.

“Blaine Anderson! What are you doing?!” His mother had yelled when he’d made it down the stairs and pushed the vase to the floor.

Cleaning,” that dark voice had said even as he’d wanted to apologize to his mom. When she got closer to him he’d shrunken back. Not physically, but mentally. He’d let the darkness take over for just a second out of fear. But it had been enough. Because when his eyes finally had found focus again, his mother had been sitting on the floor with big eyes.

He’d been standing over her with a sneer on his face that quickly fell when he gained control again.

“Mom,” he tried, but the woman narrowed her eyes.

“I am not your mother, you monster!” She spat. He took a step closer to her, just to tell her how sorry he was, but he didn’t understand what was going on either, he just needed her help, he needed his mom. But that’s when Jerome Anderson had stepped into the room; eyes burning with hate. It was always like that when his father looked at him, but Blaine was used to it. After Cooper’s… slip, both his parents had wanted him to be the perfect son, and since he never lived up to their expectations, his father had stopped looking at him with love in his eyes. He was always disappointed. In one way or the other.

“How dare you lay a hand on your mother?” He hissed.

“I didn’t-“ Blaine tried to defend himself, but he knew it wouldn’t do any good. He could never explain it to them. After Cooper they would never consider him a human being if he told them.

“What have I told you about lying to me?” His father said loudly and even though Blaine was expecting the hit, he wasn’t prepared for the pain when he fell to the floor. He wasn’t prepared for his own reaction either. He held a hand gingerly to the sore spot on his cheek all the while trying to push the emotions down. It would do no good to argue with his dad.

You’re wrong.

Oh no. No, no, no. Blaine scrambled to his feet; wanting to get away before he’d do something he’d regret, but his father grabbed his sweater and pulled him close.

“You think you can just walk away, boy?” He sneered and Blaine wished with every bone in his body that he could just get away before he’d break something else.

Like his skull.

“Answer me!” The elder Anderson yelled into his son’s face. Blaine suddenly stopped shaking. Both parents watched as their son’s face of fear slowly changed into a wicked grin. His eyes trailed up to his father’s face, and Blaine’s eyes were pitch black. Even the white was drowned in the darkness.

I’m sorry, I didn’t hear what your obnoxiously loud mouth was spitting out,” a dark voice purred and Blaine was completely gone.

He’d blinked repeatedly at some point later when his father threw him out of the house with all kinds of names and threats if he ever showed up on their property again. Blaine found himself homeless and cold and with nowhere to go. What had he done to deserve this? He didn’t even have his phone so he could call Cooper…

Cooper, who was now sitting on his knees next to his trembling body and shaking him.

“Blaine, Blaine!” He exclaimed in panic. “Wake up from this!”

“I never even picked the pink Power Ranger,” Blaine sobbed brokenly as he buried himself in Cooper’s embrace again and if Cooper didn’t known his brother as well as he did, he wouldn’t have known what that meant. But of course he did. Blaine was referring to when he was a small child and he had wanted to get the pink Power Ranger, and even though their mother had told him to pick out anything he wanted, their father’s stern gaze had made Blaine pick out the blue one. He’d regretted the choice every day, but he still smiled and said thank you. Because that’s what you did as an Anderson.

And Cooper hated that. He hated that his baby brother couldn’t even be selfish as a child. None of them had had that chance. But Cooper had his rebellious phase when he turned thirteen and the darkness had left him alone from then on. His eyes had never reached the total black color.

Blaine never had that chance. Because he was too good.

Blaine never talked back, he never asked for anything. He did his homework, he did his chores. He’d gelled his hair down when his father had made an offhand comment about the unruliness of it. He’d stopped watching cartoons as a child because their father had scoffed loudly.

And he hadn’t picked that pink Power Ranger, even though he’d wanted it for a whole year.

“I know you didn’t,” Cooper whispered into the dark curls of his younger brother. He didn’t know what to say. Bad things happen to good people. But that didn’t sum it up. Cooper had hoped the thing in Blaine would disappear after he turned thirteen too, but it just grew. And they had no idea how to get rid of it.

“Why is this happening to me?” Blaine choked out. Cooper wished not for the first time that he had the answer to that. Why such a horrible thing was happening to his perfect little brother. But he didn’t have the answer. So instead he held Blaine closer.

“I don’t know,” he said quietly. “I’m sorry, Blainers. I don’t know.”


At some point Kurt had dragged himself up to his room with a bowl of fruit and had turned his laptop on. He placed the computer on its cooling pad and sat in on the bed.

His homework was finished and already in his bag, so he’d decided to use his day the best way he knew how. Relaxing alone with fruit and chocolate - because really? You thought he’d only eat fruit? - in his bed while watching old seasons of America’s Next Top Model.

He’d just started season four last week, so he typed in his typical watch-series webpage and found episode five. He popped a grape into his mouth as he watched the ‘previously on America’s Next Top Model’. He smirked slightly as he recalled who had been thrown out last time. She’d been a real bitch.

Somewhere between Kurt silently judging Tyra’s haircut - It was the worst haircut she’d had in all of the seasons, and Kurt did not approve - and the girls on his laptop screaming ‘TYRA MAAAAAIL’ Kurt’s mind began to wander.

It wasn’t on purpose, it really wasn’t.

But anyone would keep thinking about a handsome stranger if they’d just met him, wouldn’t they? Kurt sure hoped so, because he was starting to feel like a creep.

He picked his phone off of the nightstand next to his bed, but didn’t push the call button. He just kept staring at the screen and unlocking it whenever it faded to black. Why was he so obsessed with someone he didn’t even know? He’d seen handsome boys before without becoming this stalker-ish.

Kurt didn’t believe in love at first sight - because really, who believed in those things now a days? But he still couldn’t stop thinking about Blaine. Just the mere thought of his name made a light blush creep into his cheeks. Maybe Blaine would call him. Yes, Kurt decided, if they were going to talk, Blaine would have to call him. He wasn’t desperate.

He kept his phone with him at all times the rest of the day. 

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