Klaine fic: The Hidden in Us part 3

Pairing: Klaine (duh)


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Summary: When a human is born it has a darkness inside of it. The human will proceed to feed this darkness so it becomes a part of the human’s soul. But what if you don’t feed it? What if you’re too good for that? And what happens when there’s suddenly something you want so badly that not even being good can stop you from taking it? Blaine Anderson was about to find out. 

Warning(s): Demon!Blaine (if that’s not your thing), homophobic behavior, blangst. 


The drive to Cooper’s apartment was silent. Blaine was quiet because he was scared and confused; something he wasn’t used to. He always planned everything out. He didn’t do bad things. Cooper was silent because he had no idea what to say to make his baby brother okay again. It’s not something he could will away no matter how much he wanted it to be gone and leave Blaine alone for good. And Cooper knew that. So for the time being he turned on the radio and tried not to let his heartache show in front of his broken little brother.

Blaine’s mind was one big mess. He didn’t know what to think of or what to do. He knew he should be thinking about his parents; about how the red mark on his cheek soon would be showing and how he would survive without the two presumably most important people in his life. But for some reason - Blaine didn’t want to put words on the reason yet; he wasn’t ready - the only thing he could keep thinking of for more than two seconds at a time was Kurt.

Beautiful Kurt who’d pulled over in the horrible rain, just to offer Blaine a ride. Kurt, who had tried to be friendly even though he could’ve picked up just about anybody. Kurt, who hadn’t asked about his parents because he sensed that Blaine didn’t want to talk about it. Kurt, who Blaine had made uncomfortable when he really just had wanted to keep holding his hand. But the feeling had been too strong. So strong it sent electric shocks down his back. He shivered just thinking about the prickling feeling in his fingers, when Kurt had touched him. Another colder shiver ran down his spine when he thought of the darkness creeping over his eyes at that same moment. He had to clench his teeth together to stop himself from whimpering.

They arrived at Cooper’s apartment and the two Andersons stepped out of the car; still in silence. Blaine, this time because he didn’t want to risk screaming or starting to cry, and Cooper because he could see Blaine’s trembling and didn’t want to push him. After all he’d been through the same thing many years ago.

“Blaine,” Cooper started gently, when they walked into the apartment.

“Coop, can we not?” Blaine interrupted with a deep sigh before Cooper could continue. “Not right now at least?” His eyes were wet and his lips were trembling. Cooper bit his tongue to hold down the reasonable voice. It wouldn’t do any good to just push it away. They needed to talk about this. But when he looked at his brother’s shaking body, he couldn’t make himself say that.

“Okay,” he said softly. “Okay, we won’t talk about it today.” Because they were going to talk about it. And soon. But right now Blaine needed his older brother; not the practical person Cooper normally was. So he put an arm around his younger brother’s shoulders and let him into the living room.

“Wanna watch one of those stupid musicals you made me buy?” He said with a small smile, which grew when he saw a smile appear on Blaine’s face too.

“Singing in the rain is not stupid, it’s a piece of art,” he said with a fake frown. Cooper whined loudly.

“Oh God, can we please watch something else? I think I know every song by now. And I’m not even gay! You’ve forced me to watch that movie since we were kids!”

“Okay first of all, that was a really stereotypic insult, and I will punish you for it later. And second of all, fine, we won’t watch Singing in the rain,” Blaine said with a laugh.

“Thank you.”

“We’re watching Phantom of the Opera.”

“Oh please no, have mercy!” Cooper threw himself on the couch, face first. “I can’t bear that guy’s misery! It makes me depressed!”

“Well, I happen to think that Gerard Butler is very stunning,” Blaine reasoned as he found the DVD.

“Just like that Kurt, huh?” Cooper teased.

“I-“ Blaine stopped in his tracks and looked down.

“Too early?” The younger Anderson bit his lip and shrugged.

“He… was beautiful, wasn’t he?” He said softly with a small smile.

“Very,” Cooper said with a gentle smile of his own. Blaine put in the DVD and sat next to his brother on the couch. “So…”

“So?” Blaine asked and turned to face his brother.

“Are you gonna call him?” Cooper asked with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

“Oh, um…” Yes, yes, yes. “I…” Call him. “I-“ Blaine choked out and buried his fingers in his hair.

“Blaine?” The older asked worriedly.

Coop,” Blaine sobbed and kept pulling his hair as the darkness came nearer and nearer.

“B, what’s wr-“ His eyes grew big with fear and he grabbed his brother’s shoulders tightly. “Breathe, Blaine! Breathe!” He took Blaine’s face between his hands and looked directly into his eyes. “Breathe and look at me. Look at me!” Cooper exclaimed loudly when Blaine’s eyes kept darkening.

They locked eyes.

Piercing blue steadily locking with quivering golden; black creeping in around the edges.

Cooper didn’t blink, not once, before the darkness subsided. Blaine choked out a sob and threw himself into his brother’s embrace; his eyes squeezing tightly shut.

“I can’t- I can’t call him, he’ll come, I can’t, Coop, I just can’t…” Blaine cried into Cooper’s chest; curling his fingers tightly in the shirt he was currently soaking with his tears.

“Shh, it’s okay, B, it’s okay,” Cooper whispered brokenly into the curly hair. “We’ll figure it out, it’s okay. It’ll be okay, Blaine. I’m here, you won’t be alone. I’m here,” he murmured while rocking them back and forth gently.

“I promise I’ll fight it with you, Blaine,” he said with a strong voice. Blaine buried his face deeper into his brother’s shirt and wished it was all just a bad dream, because he knew Cooper couldn’t help him. Nobody could help him. I don’t wanna be alone, he thought miserably and cried even harder.

You’ll never be alone.


Sunday morning had Kurt waking up with sweaty skin and holding his pillow close. He blushed when he remembered bits of his dream - dark eyes; hot breath; a rough touch - and quickly pushed the pillow away before making his way into the bathroom; dream slowly fading from his memory.

He turned on the water and stripped out of his damp pajama; purposely ignoring the way the pants stuck to his thighs on the way down, before stepping in under the spray. His limps felt heavy and he didn’t even have the energy to carefully scrub the conditioner into his hair the way he always did. So much for a peaceful sleep to restore his energy.

Kurt turned off the spray and wrapped himself in a big towel, before slumping down on the lip of the closed toilet. He was exhausted. It felt as if he’d run a marathon while sleeping; which could very well be true with all his sleepwalking, but he hated exercise, so surely his sleep-self hated it too. He only realized he’s been dozing off when he bolted upright at the flash of golden eyes that ran through his head. He felt his cheeks grow hotter and quickly dried off.

You’re not a creep, you’re not a creep, you’re a perfectly normal hormone-driven teenage boy, he told himself as he dressed sloppily in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Hey, it was Sunday after all. He yawned heavily as he slowly made his way down the stairs.

“You look like you’ve been through hell,” Burt commented with a laugh from his seat at the counter when he walked into the kitchen.

“Gee, thanks dad, you look great too,” Kurt mumbled as he sat down. His shower hadn’t helped at all. He still felt like bricks had been placed on his back this morning. That and the memory of those sparkly golden eyes boring into his own while- No, no, no. Dreams are supposed to disappear! Kurt groaned and dropped his head on the counter.

Carole put a plate of toast in front of him and ruffled his hair lightly. She knew she’d never have permission to do that normally, so she took advantage of Kurt’s current state of sloppiness. She got a mumbled ‘Morning Carole’ before she made her way over to the coffee maker.

“I’m serious though Kurt, you look exhausted. Anything you wanna talk about?”

“I’m…” A creeper. “I just…” Dreamt of a guy I know nothing about but he was hot so apparently I can’t kick his sexy eyes out of my mind. “I…” Really wish I hadn’t woken up; you should’ve seen the way he- “I’m fine,” he said with a sigh.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I just-“ But Kurt didn’t get any further in explaining his lack of sleep to his dad before Finn crashed down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Why didn’t any of you wake me up?! I was supposed to take Rachel on a date today!” He exclaimed.

“It’s only 10, Finn?” Burt said with a smile. He was really enjoying having two sons in the house. Not that Kurt wasn’t his everything; he just liked having life and noises around him.

“Yea, but she wanted an all-day date, so I should’ve been at her house an hour ago! Kurt, text her for me, please?” He begged.

“What? Why? It’s not my girlfriend,” Kurt replied with a scrowl. He was not in the mood for Finn and Rachel problems. He was barely in the mood for the cup of coffee Carole placed in front of him.

“No but you’re so much better at handling her anger than I am. Please? Just tell her I’m on my way!” Finn said and grabbed a piece of toast and ran out of the kitchen. “Thanks bro!” He yelled before slamming the door shut.

“Don’t call me bro,” Kurt mumbled but reached out for his phone nonetheless. He typed out a message and was about to send it when he read it over.

From Kurt to Rachel:

My ass of a brother forgot your date. He’s on his way now though. Please punish him in any way you see fit.

His brow furrowed slightly before he added;

And remember to tell me about it in vivid explanation. Unless it involves either his or your naked skin.

He pushed send and put his phone back in his pocket before looking down at his toast; now missing a piece since Finn had been a thief. He cursed silently and was about to pick up his toast when Carole got closer to him with her Mom-smile full on.

“Bacon?” She said and held out the pan in her hand. Kurt groaned. He really shouldn’t; he’d just bought a new pair of jeans that barely fit as it was. But then he cast another glance at the pan and decided he’d deserved to eat dead pig this morning.

“Yes please,” he said and slumped further down in his seat. Carole gave him a knowing smile - bacon always helped on sour mornings - before settling a few pieces of bacon on his plate. He began eating, when his phone buzzed.

From Rachel to Kurt:

Thank you for informing me. I’ll make him buy me something expensive on the date as punishment. If you figure out something else I should do, please tell me. And thank you for not being a coward like your brother and tell me :-)

Judging from her calm and composed response, Rachel Berry was most likely furious. Kurt couldn’t help but be a little smug. That’s what you get for stealing my breakfast, Finn Hudson.

As he was about to lock his phone, Kurt’s finger hovered over the ‘call’ button and before he could stop himself he was staring at the last number he’d called. The number that he could more or less just call if he wanted to. He could ask for Blaine if it was Cooper who answered. And he could hear Blaine’s voice. But he really shouldn’t. How desperate wouldn’t he seem?

Then again Blaine really hadn’t sent him any negative signals. He seemed like he actually liked being in Kurt’s company. Well, as much as one can when one have just been thrown out from one’s home.

He looked at the unknown number until the screen faded to black. 

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