Prologue to my new fic:

When humans are given life, they’re born with a particular dark place inside of them. It is not something you can prevent or postpone, it is meant to be inside every being. You cannot blame your mother nor your father for it; they’ve had their fair share already, just like their parents before them.

This dark place resembles a small black ball. It’s in your body from the first breath you take. It lives deep inside your stomach and feeds off of your selfish actions; the small and the big ones. It swirls around inside your body with the intent to make sure you get what you so deeply desire. But seen as you are a mere child, your great desires aren’t all that unobtainable.

So when an eight year old steals a bubblegum at the local store, it’s the darkness leading the child. When the little boy goes against his parents’ wishes and runs away at the mall, it’s the darkness making him. When the four year old pushes her sister down the stairs, it’s the darkness that makes her point to the older brother and say ‘he did it!’ It is also that darkness which makes the older brother hit the younger sister afterwards.

That is not to say that you can’t be held responsible for your own actions. You can, and you will be. Partly because almost nobody has knowledge about this darkness, and partly because it is a part of you. And it will always be a part of you.

As you grow older though, your darkness grows weaker. It melts together with your soul and becomes a part of your being. Every human has selfish thoughts, and every human lives out some of its desires at one point or another in its life.

It is said that murderers and other criminals feels so strongly connected to this darkness, that they keep the selfish desires to such a high level that their dark place grows and soon fills their entire being with darkness. They act too much on their own desires. There are also those who suffer from insanity because their minds can’t contain the different thoughts and vibes from the darkness. They can’t figure out which desires to act on and which to hide away.

But what if you never did act on those selfish desires? What if you never did anything wrong? What if you always did as you’re told? How would your darkness melt together with your soul? Where would that dark circle of emotion disappear to? How would it get outlet to your selfish thoughts? How would you make it shrink away? How would you keep it from taking over your mind - and body?

The answer is you wouldn’t. Because you couldn’t. 

So…? :i

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